Частный сектор 70/100

Частный сектор 70/100

400 UAH

Интернет на скорости 70Мб/100Мб с безлимитным доступ в мировой и украинский трафик

SE "Telegroup Ukraine" offers its subscribers who live in the private sector of Kyiv and want to use the Internet to connect the tariff plan "Private Sector 70/100". This option provides guaranteed download speeds and unlimited access to Ukrainian and world traffic at 100 MB / UA-IX and 70 MB / world. When connecting, Telegroup Ukraine uses modern optical technologies. Each user will receive a full range of services to connect the Internet to a private home and a guarantee of a comfortable use of all the features of the World Wide Web. With Telegroup Ukraine, you can easily download volumetric files, watch movies, play online games, chat with friends and always be online!


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