Приватний сектор 20/100

Приватний сектор 20/100

200 UAH

Интернет на скорости 20Мб/100Мб с безлимитным доступ в мировой и украинский трафик

“Telegroup Ukraine” cares about our subscribers and does everything possible to give them uninterrupted access to the Internet at high speed not only in the apartments of Kiev, but also in the private homes. Tariff plan “Private sector 20/100” means 100 МB / UA-IX and 20 МB / world traffic for 200 UAH / month. This is the optimal ratio of speed and cost. Even the most demanding internet-users now have the opportunity to use all the advantages of the unlimited Internet – watching favorite movies in an excellent quality, playing online games, downloading large files. This tariff plan is provided exclusively for individual home use.


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